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Your Rust server with an awesome frontend

What is it?

It consists of 2 plugins that enables you to show nearly real time server and player statistics.


Near realtime server and player statistics on your WordPress frontend with ease.

Who I am

I am Dan-Levi, a guy that loves to create and play in general. Just ask my wife!

How it started

I missed an overview of player stats and started to develop
the plugins.


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Hammer hits

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Explosives thrown

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Shortcodes by WordPress

WPBridge extends WordPress built in shortcodes with custom ones made specifically to display server and player statistics for Rust servers.

By combining this functionality and Elementor for WordPress it enables you to create truly dynamic community sites for Rust servers that are beautiful, with updated player statistics.

This opens up for players to compete to be the best, you as admin can give prizes to players who has the best stats before wipe day for example.

It all started out in-game with my group, and evolved from idea to working plugin that quickly became popular on my server.

Now you can also use this plugin on your Rust server, completely for free.

Download WordPress and Rust plugins below

Both plugins are officially approved by WordPress and uMod.